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The Continental Army fought in the revolutionary war of 1776 to stop the oppression of the King of England and the Dutch East India Trading Company.

Now we all face a new threat of oppression from all sides.

The Great Seal above depicts the liberation of the Hebrews from the oppression of Egypt. It symbolizes freedom from oppression and greed that fuels it.

Now it is time once again to assemble our people to unite together as a liberation army to halt the attacks against our Liberty and Speech. We have far to many militants invading our country and it is time to make it stop.  War has been declared against us and therefore must be met with equal or greater force to stop it and send a message to those that wish to oppress us and take our families into bondage.

The U.S. Military can remain in the classification of a “World Peace Keeping Force” and defend the United Nations. LINK (page 6 last paragraph) The Continental Army has a rich history of liberation and therefore it shall be raised again to fulfill its noble purpose. 

The Continental Army needs people that have experience in the armed forces. Further, signing up for the Continental Army grants immediate American National status within The United States of America. Warning, signing up to serve in the Continental Army may automatically remove the U.S. citizen classification from your person. Virginia Company Policies: LINK

The Virginia company policy reads the following:

“Although a person’s enlistment in the armed forces of a foreign country may not constitute a violation of U.S. law, it could subject him or her to the provisions of Section 349(a)(3) of the INA [8 U.S.C. 1481(a)(3)] which provides for loss of U.S. nationality if a U.S national voluntarily and with the intention of relinquishing U.S. nationality enters or serves in the armed forces of a foreign state engaged in hostilities against the United States or serves in the armed forces of any foreign country as a commissioned or non-commissioned officer.”

The Continental Army will not be engaging in hostilities against the United States and unless specified, the enlisted will not lose U.S. nationality unless specified, therefore there will be two enlistment forms.

Let us make this very clear, the Continental Army is being raised again to stop the oppression of those that wish to declare war against us and therefore Liberation is its mission. The Continental Army is not a occupation force for the purpose of conquering foreign lands.

The Continental Army obeys the laws of war and restrains others from committing war crimes against civilians. When liberation has occurred, the Continental Army goes home. The Continental Army is a all volunteer Military unless commissioned.

At this point, the General Post Office, the National assembly and the Human Rights Defenders are working together to form, organize and regulate the Continental Army. The General Post Office will not be in charge of the Continental Army. The Continental Army will serve Government of The United States of America and the States of the Union within The United States of America as a liberation and defense force to eradicate foreign oppression from within. 

Ranks and Uniforms are still being created and the advancement opportunities are ground floor and wide open.  This is a perfect time to be able to say that you served under the same Army as did the revolutionaries that fought in the revolution of 1776.

These are the ranks available: